The Late Activity Buses will be serving HMS and WJHS

The Late Activity Buses serve students attending clubs and athletics at both WJHS and HMS at no cost.  

All the buses depart from the front of WJHS at 4:45. They then proceed to the upper deck of HMS to pick up HMS students.


  • Bus #1 will then take the students to Central School (9th Ave entrance)
  • Bus #2 will then take the students to MCK School (15th St entrance) and then continue on to Harper School (front entrance)
  • Bus #3 will then take the students to Romona School, the Rec Center, Indian and New Glenview (serving the northside students), and then Indian and Glenview (serving the southside students).


You do not have to be a bus rider to use this service at the end of the day.