No Language Choice is Wrong

How do I choose?Experts agree that any second or third language a child chooses will aid in overall school performance and superior problem solving skills.

Language Learning in General Causes Higher Test Scores

Students who study a second or third language perform better on standardized tests, including the SAT. With four or more years of language study (IN ANY LANGUAGE!), students on average score 140 points higher.

The Skills Learned from a Second Language can be Applied to Other Languages

Along with grammar and syntax, students hone their listening skills and risk- taking when learning a second language. By the time they pick a third language, they find it easier to follow the lesson in the new language, they participate more actively and they often show an interest in finding information beyond what the teacher gives them.

The Benefits to Learning any Language are Great

Students learning any language learn about the syntax, grammar and language structure and how these interact with their native language. Because third language learners are more adept at recognizing these in the new language, they make connections to their first and second languages easily, remembering grammatical rules more easily, making more inferences with the language, and recognize similarities and patterns in sounds and word order.

Learning Spanish in the Elementary School has Equipped Students for Future Language Learning

Whether continuing Spanish study, or choosing a new language, learning a second language from an early age aids in the intellectual growth, listening skills and flexibility of thinking of all students...making them ready and able to go even further with their language learning!

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