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Latin Language Objectives

Latin students love language, puzzles and history; they love words, learning how our English words came to be, and how history and mythology affect our world today. Latin students, having completed the fifth through eighth grade sequence of Latin, will possess a strong grasp of Latin vocabulary and be able to manipulate the grammar on a large scale. Daily, they will analyze and translate informative Latin passages, and even demonstrate a greater understanding of their own English grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, thanks to the additional exposure in Latin. Students will expand their English vocabulary with a plethora of Latin derivatives stemming from our various thematic units over their four-year course of study.

Latin is taught with minimal communication in the language. However, students will exit the program with not only a strong control of the language, but also an understanding of Roman history, culture, mythology, daily life, and Rome’s substantial impact on Western Civilization. Students will notice and be able to explain in detail elements in modern culture and how they stem from the Ancient Roman Empire.

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Latin in and Beyond the Classroom

Latin students are expected to study, but homework is kept at a minimum. The lifelong skill of studying is modeled, taught, and reinforced by teachers. Latin students are expected to practice vocabulary regularly by referencing the use of the course dictionary when translating or studying via teacher-crafted games. 

Due to the large emphasis placed on the history of Ancient Rome, Latin students have four years to study the major events of the Roman Monarchy, Republic, and Empire which still have an everlasting impact in our current society. Latin students learn about Roman daily life such as mythology, fashion, homes, family systems, and more. In addition, they will celebrate traditional Roman holidays like Saturnalia, Lupercalia, and Rome’s Birthday.

Also, unique to the Latin program, students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, such as Latin Club, Certamen, Latin quiz bowl, and take the National Mythology Exam and National Latin Exam. Specifically, the National Latin Exam is given to almost 150,000 students a year throughout the country and has yielded many awards to Wilmette students.

Grade 5 Latin Curriculum Guide (PDF)