Mandarin Chinese Objectives

By the time a student completes the 5th through 8th grade sequence of Chinese, that student should be linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate easily and accurately on a variety of topics in Chinese.

Students will study Pinyin (Chinese phonetic system), characters, grammar and conversation, while applying these skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Students are assessed in a variety of manners including tests, quizzes, projects and oral presentations.

Mandarin Chinese In and Beyond the Classroom

Students studying Mandarin acquire the language through comprehensible input and using it in real-life situations. They also have fun!

Students explore the culture of China and other Mandarin-speaking countries. They learn Chinese songs and dance, practice calligraphy, create cultural crafts, make dumplings, and celebrate Chinese Spring Festival. Once at the junior high, students have the opportunity to travel to Chicago to visit Chinatown and practice their language skills at restaurant and stores.