spanish-sidebarSpanish Language Objectives

Students enter the fifth grade Spanish program at Highcrest Middle School with a wealth of background knowledge and experience in the Spanish language.  The fifth through eighth grade sequence will continue from the elementary schools, and will appropriately challenge students by using their background knowledge to increase their language proficiency.  All students, including those with no prior knowledge, will get the support they need to be successful in Highcrest Spanish. By the time a student completes a Kindergarten through eighth grade sequence of Spanish, that student should be linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate on a variety of topics in the Spanish-speaking world.

Once in the middle school setting, classes remain communicative and students continue to study vocabulary and conversation, while increasing their focus on  language structure and grammar.  They move from memorized phrases to creating with the language.  At the junior high, students refine present tense conversations and are exposed to opportunities to communicate about future and past events.  In addition, they begin to prepare themselves for potential placement into year three Spanish at New Trier High School.  At both schools, students apply their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities and are assessed in a variety of manners and interact with authentic resources.

Spanish In and Beyond the Classroom

Students continuing their study of Spanish at Highcrest Middle School study regularly, do homework and practice their language daily..... and they have fun! Students enjoy playing games, using technology, and working with partners and groups as they learn.

Spanish students enjoy learning about the cultures of Spanish-speaking communities around the world.  Students compare and contrast schools and communities as well as explore the market, the zoo, and traditional restaurants. They make and break piñatas, discover el día de los muertos, recreate cultural crafts, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  

Click here to download the Grade 5 Spanish Curriculum Guide (PDF)